Aromatherapy To Go Kit


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Aromatherapy To Go

Whether you’re new to essential oils or already have some experience with them, this kit will help you get to the next step on your journey. We’ve included items you can carry with you or wear to take your healing oils with you wherever you go. Expand your aromatherapy experience by taking it on the road. Everything you need is here, including three sample oils and two information sheets.

Contents of Kit:

  • Oils: eucalyptus, lemon, lavender
  • Aroma-Glide bottle
  • Roller bottle
  • Aromatherapy inhaler with 4 inserts
  • Lava aromatherapy necklace
  • Metal Cage aromatherapy necklace
  • Lava aromatherapy bracelet
  • Informational materials (including recipes and dilution table)
  • Organza pouch

Some things you can do with your kit:

  • Put a drop of oil on a lava bead of the necklace or bracelet. This stone is naturally porous and will hold the oil.Use a few drops of oil in your bath
  • Use a few drops to scent body lotion or massage oil
  • To use the roller, combine a little essential oil with a carrier oil (Sweet almond, jojoba, or any kitchen oil will work as a carrier oil)

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