ChakraKey: A Key for Humanity


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ChakraKey: A Key for Humanity – Wouldn’t it be great if we each came into this world with a User Guide for our life? The Guide would explain who we are, define our life purpose, and give us instructions for dealing with the many issues we will be facing.

ChakraKey IS your User Guide. It comes in the form of an easy-to-understand, info-graphic illustrating the human spiritual design, our core essence and love. Hindu wisdom provides the foundation of knowledge about our chakra system, and the seven candle menorah shows us how spirit and flesh are joined together as one. Within the Guide, you will learn of your connection to Mother Nature, which you can see in the rainbow, hear in a scale of music, and feel within your heart. We intuitively know that we are more than flesh and bones, yet up until now we have lacked evidence and understanding of this connection. We now have evidence as clear as the colors within the rainbow. We now have reason for hope.

The Knowledge and Wisdom contained within the ChakraKey will provide you with the greatest gift you might ever hope to find, the ability to live a life filled with love, meaning and purpose.

We are more than we may seem, we are an evolving dream.

by Rick Ireton (Author)

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