Colored Mini Taper Candles – 4″


These candles are a great way to practice color therapy. They also make a nice addition to an altar.

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These candles are a great way to practice color therapy. They also make a nice addition to an altar. 1 wax mini candle; approx. 4″ long; variety of colors.

Color Correspondences


Color Chakra Correspondences


Red 1st Love, passion, courage, strength, success in times of conflict or danger, sexuality, vigorous health
Pink 4th Happiness, self-love & esteem, romance, nurturing, peace, friendship, emotional healing, youth
Orange 2nd Strength, success, attraction, good fortune, feasting & celebration, optimism, encouragement
Peach 2nd Gentle strength & joy
Yellow 3rd Clairvoyance, communication, air element, confidence, joy, banishing depression
Apple green 4th Healing, new beginnings, cleansing
Green 4th Healing, prosperity, growth, nature connection, fertility, rejuvenation, balance, happy home
Light Blue 5th Clear communication, balance, intellectual & intuitive insight, creativity, adapting to change
Med/Dark Blue 5th Meditation, tranquility, peace, truth, wisdom, devotion, healing, remembering dreams
Purple 6th Spirituality, wisdom, intuition, divination, psychic skill, protection from “psychic vampires”
Lavender 7th Intuition, dreams
White 7th Clarity, protection, contact with elemental beings, consecration, cleansing, breaking curses
Gray Balance, judgment, counteracting negative forces, stopping something already in progress
Black 1st Absorbs negative energy, protection, Earth energy, deep meditation, power of the unconscious
Brown Earth, animals, grounding, stability, physical healing, decisiveness & concentration, finances
Gold Solar energy, yang force, developing aura, overcoming habits & addictions, luxury , generosity
Silver Lunar energy, yin force, working with hidden energies, introspection, confidence, intuition, gratitude


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Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Lavender, White, Black, Brown

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