Meditation Kit (Boxes of Light)


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Meditation Kit

Our meditation Box of Light is a great way to introduce yourself to various forms of meditation and the tools used with them.

Contents of Kit:

-1 Tibetan singing bowl with wooden stick for playing
-1 olive wood japa mala prayer bead string
-1 copper lotus incense holder
-1 box Morning Star Japanese Incense (assorted fragrances)
-1 pack incense matches
-1 organza pouch (assorted colors, can be used as a mala bag)
-Printed informational introduction to meditation
-Printed instructions on how to play a singing bowl
-Printed incense fragrance correspondences sheet
-Printed informational sheet about prayer beads/japa malas

Some things you can do with your kit:

-Play your singing bowl to get your focused on the present moment.
-Light some incense to set the stage for your conscious brain to shift gears
-Try out some mantra-based meditation using your japa mala

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