White Sage Smudge Stick


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Cleanse your space with one of our sage bundles!

Sage is a traditional plant used for centuries to clear space, people, pets, crystals, etc.

White sage (Sacred sage, bee sage), Salvia apiana. This plant is native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. The native tribes of those regions have burned this sage in purification rituals for many centuries, and it is from them that others have learned its use. Parts of the same plant have also been used as food and as a healing tea. Modern science has confirmed that the plant has strong antibacterial properties. White sage is our generally our first choice when we recommend materials, because it has been proven effective for many people over a long period of time. Its power is strong, and many people claim it’s the most effective plant for driving out unwanted entities. However, people may have a negative reaction to sage smoke, either because of some negative force has attached itself to them (usually without their conscious knowledge) or because of simple personal preference. The good news is that many other options are available.

Small size is perfect for one-time use home cleansing or multiple uses on a single room.
Medium size can cleanse a home multiple times or a larger space.
Large size is for multiple uses, multiple home cleansings, and very large spaces.

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