Statement of Ethics

Mimosa’s Statement of Ethics Regarding Psychic Readings

Mimosa is proud to offer in-house psychic readings seven days a week. Because we are serious about providing the best experience to our customers, we hold to a strict code of ethics regarding psychic readings.

All readers working at Mimosa have been carefully screened. They must have adequate professional training and/or previous experience, excellent references, and pass both an interview and test reading with Mimosa’s management. We require this level of preparation not only because it assures our readers have experience doing readings outside their circle of family and friends, but because it means they have the experience to understand their responsibilities as a professional in the field.

Our readers perform their duties to the highest ethical standards, working with a positive spirit toward the highest good. Guidance is offered in a kind and loving way.

  • Any messages they receive are presented in a constructive way, as a means to positive change for the client.
  • They also respect your privacy, meaning that anything said in the reading room remains confidential.
  • Any readings for minors will be done only with parental permission.
  • They will not require that you pay any additional fee to “fix” or “correct” anything discussed in your reading. Our fees are always our flat rates with no surprises or additional “asks.”
  • They only perform services for which they have been trained and have accumulated enough experience to be considered professionals. If the reader assesses that the client may require services the reader is not trained in, including but not limited to mental health evaluation or legal advice, the reader may make a referral if possible.

Mimosa insists on the highest standards for our readers, and will not tolerate any unethical behavior. Mimosa knows that the actions and ethics of our psychic readers directly reflects upon our reputation, so we take ethical violations very seriously.  Any breach of such ethics would be grounds for investigation and possible dismissal at Mimosa’s discretion.