The Many Varieties of Quartz (rock crystal)


Picture Name Chakra Properties



(Rooster or Angelic)

6, 7 Harmony and serenity, confidence, overcoming obstacles, joy, abundance, love, empathy, integrity, amplifies energy, selfless light work, restful sleep, lucid dreaming, clear decision making
Blue 5, 6 Communication, detoxification, calms hyperactivity, helps with scatter-mindedness, helps focus, speaking one’s truth, communication between chakras, dream healing, harmony, mental clarity, eases fear
Cherry 4 (MANMADE STONE) Enhance divine energy, reduce pain & inflammation, helps one lose weight, general heart health, transformation (physical, mental and spiritual)
Chlorite 1, 4 Stimulate the metabolism, absorption of nutrients and antioxidants, general physical healing, rehabilitate strained or injured muscles, connection with nature and Mother Earth
  Clear All Most powerful and energizing crystals, powerful healer, purifier, cleansing of physical and ethereal bodies, amplifier of energy and intentions
Diamantina 7 Align the energy body, chakra balance, healing energy from the universe, project universal healing light
  Dream 6 Dream healing, astral travel, enhance lucid dreaming, helps ailing houseplants, calming vibrations to distraught Indigo children
Elestial 7, Soul Star Emotional healing, balance, wisdom, helps with adjusting to change, awareness of one’s immortality, confidence, manifestation, detoxify, connection to the Angelic realm, abundance, intuition, psychic abilities, clairvoyance, meditation
  Faden 2, 3, 6, 7 Psychic energy, spiritual insight, meditation, connection and communication with one’s inner and higher self
  Girasol 6, 7 Stay connected with inner-self during times of turmoil or great change, ascension, helps with deciphering clouded or unclear intuitive messages, connection to the Angelic realm, seeing hidden messages behind a situation, karmic upliftment, safely protect one with a white light, spiritual awakening, healing mind body and spirit, aids channeling
Golden 3, 7 Success, spirit cleansing, self-confidence, helps one see one’s spiritual purpose, focus, creativity, spiritual communication over long distances, enhances psychic abilities, meditation
  Golden Healer 3, 7 Enhance flow of energy during healing work, aids healer or energy worker to stay grounded while healing, opens healer to Universal source of energy for their client, inner strength, personal power
w/ Graphite 4, 6, 7 Strong energy conductor, sends healing energy to others, breaks unneeded or unwanted bonds, independance, relieves anger, channeled writing, connection to ethereal plane,
  Hematoid 1 Cleanse and purify the blood, vitality, protection, relieve pain associated to strained muscles or damaged ligaments or tendons, courage and bravery, guidance on one’s career path
  Herkimer Diamond 6, 7 Astral travel, lucid dreaming, helps one fully access the Dream consciousness while in the Waking State, balances and aligns the chakras, clarity of thought (Good companion stone for Moldavite. When used together they enhance the other’s qualities)


1 ,6, 7 Enhance connection to ancestors, increase esoteric knowledge and understanding of the occult, astral travel, protection while traveling, understanding of Tibetan Buddhist, spiritual beliefs and ritualistic practices, karmic release, divine connection, connection to Water for emotional healing, dissolve the ego, deeper states of meditation, conscious awareness
Lemurian, Clear 6, 7 Drawing Universal energy to the Earth plane, connection to the ancient civilization of Lemuria (aka Mu) and esoteric wisdom from them, communicate the idea of oneness and love to all other crystals on the planet
Lemurian, Pink 4, 7 Brings Universal healing energy to the physical and energetic bodies, opens chakras that have closed due to emotional trauma, brings peace and calming (Also look at Clear Lemurian for additional properties)
  Lithium 4, 6 Banish depression, balances the hemispheres of the brain, peace and tranquility, dispels anxiety, emotional healing (especially related to trauma or grief
  Milky 5, 7 Creativity, overcome intuitive blocks, shields the psychic body, inner peace and tranquility, deepens meditative state, keeps one grounded during astral travelling, prayer, worship
Nirvana, Pink 4, 6, 7 Opens heart chakra, protection for mothers and children, healing disorders of the heart, blood circulation, love and compassion, earth healing, reveals importance of eco-friendly practices, spiritual ascension, peace and harmony
  Nirvana, White 4, 6, 7 Raises energetic vibrations while healing or meditation, astral travel, enhance healing work, connection with knowledge of ancient peoples,  repair on a cellular level


Ouro Verde






1, 3, 7




1, 2, 3


Spiritual illumination, removes obstacles on the path to enlightenment, enhance inner knowing, self-confidence, reminder of karmic debts, astral travel for healing or gathering information



PTSD recovery, emotional balance, removing negative energy, past life healing


Red Wine


1, 2


Grounding, relaxation, internal organs, keeping steady during chaotic times, good for veterans



Rose 4 Unconditional love, peace, compassion, self-love, attitude of Lovingkindness, tenderness, spark a romance, ease mid-life crisis, soothe a broken heart, emotional balance, friendship, trust, forgiveness, understanding, fertility, connection to Water element

(Gold, Green, Red, Silver)

3, 7 Vitality, transferring vibrational healing energies, balance, cleanse the aura, manifest spiritual abundance, scrying divination, channeling, removes barriers that interfere with spiritual growth, opens divine energy of the universe, protection from negative energy, forgiveness and compassion, remove depression, heals and repairs aura, spiritual ascension, increase fertility
  Shamanic Dream 1, 6 Shamanic journeying, conscious awareness, deepen meditative states, meaningful astral travel, heighten one’s intuition and psychic powers, protection during spiritual work, has the ability to stimulate amazing Shamanic Journeying, as well as pulling people back to the earth plane during Astral Travel
Smoky 1 Grounding, protection from negative energies, increase energy during meditation, relieves stress, reduce stress caused by electromagnetic frequencies, removes fear, enhance passion, dispel bad dreams, promotes insight during scrying, concentration, communication, stilling the mind for meditation, manifestation, relieve physical pain, headaches, helpful for those undergoing chemotherapy
(sometimes known as Cactus Quartz)
3, 6, 7 Connection to Spirit Guides, Totem Animals or beings from the Fairy Realm, safety and security (especially after physical abuse), recovery from addiction, connection with one’s inner child, spiritual ascension, meditation, promotes psychic phenomena, accepting universal healing light
Strawberry 4 Seeing good in all things, take time for the sweet things in life and to appreciate them, generosity, connection with inner child
  Tangerine 2 Recovery after trauma, relieve symptoms of PTSD, past life healing, karmic release, emotional balance, enhance creativity, work through self-limiting beliefs, removes negative energies from aura, prosperity, abundance, receive accurate outcomes when practicing divination
1, 7 Grounding, protection against negative energies (amplified protection), release stress, promotes peace and calming, balances mind body and spirit, physical healing