Rose quartz is about relationships.

QUARTZ, ROSE: (Also known as Anacona Ruby) Use at the 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra) for promoting unconditional love, peace, and compassion, to inspire self-love, to promote an attitude of Lovingkindness, for calming after traumatic events, to instill tenderness, to add spark to a romance, to ease mid-life crisis, to soothe a broken heart, for emotional balance, to encourage friendship, to ease the grieving process, to promote forgiveness, trust, and understanding, for energetic support of lung health and fertility, and to support skin health. Element: Water; Flower: Magnolia; Essential Oil: Rose

Rose quartz is the astrological stone for Taurus: Rose quartz, which is simply quartz tinted pink by various mineral traces, has always been the Love Stone. It only rarely forms gem-grade crystals, but has been used in carving for a very long time. Because of its associations with unconditional love, it is often used in religious carving, including prayer beads and figurines which we carry in the store. All this should appeal to the warm heart of Taurus!

Metaphysical uses: Romantic love, maternal love, the love between friends, unconditional love, self-love–you name it! Every kind of love has been associated with rose quartz. It’s an especially good stone to put under your pillow; depending on your circumstances, this is supposed to attract love, enhance a current relationship, or heal a broken heart. You can also make a rejuvenating face wash by leaving a chunk of rose quartz in water overnight, and then washing your face with it in the morning. (With the water, that is, not the rock.)