“Saturn Enters Libra” Focus on Relationships & Fairness as Justice is Put to the Test” by Shelley Jordan

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Saturn’s Itinerary:

October 29, 2009 – Saturn’s first entry into Libra.
January 14, 2010 – Saturn goes retrograde, re-entering Virgo on April 7
May 30, 2010 – Saturn goes direct in late Virgo
July 21, 2010 – Saturn makes its full blown entry into Libra, remaining there until October, 2012. Zodiac signs in circle.

While Saturn has been in Virgo, the sign associated with health, diet and work (as in jobs), there has been a great effort expended by many people to rectify America’s broken health care system. Even more crucial is the job crisis, with unemployment now reaching over 10%. Since Saturn has made its initial entry into Libra we can now add a new set of issues to our “To Be Corrected” list. Think of Saturn as describing assignments that might not be easy, but that yield tremendous rewards and compensation for the effort. Nothing is more satisfying or confidence-building than the premiums that come from fulfilling Saturn’s mandates. Some of the world’s most successful and accomplished people have a prominent Saturn in their charts. The greatest achievements can occur during Saturn transits.

Saturn travels around the Zodiac like a cosmic building inspector, appraising conditions and providing feedback about the soundness or deficiencies of each of the signs it occupies. Saturn points out weaknesses or problems that that need repairing. It takes Saturn 29 years to make its correcting and gratifying sojourn through the Zodiac, remaining in a sign for two and a half years. This journey resounds in the environment and in the personal spheres of your chart. If you know the house that Saturn is occupying in your chart at this time, you can see where your greatest achievements can occur. Saturn symbolizes the bones – the skeletal structure of consciousness, providing opportunities for support, strength and solidity. Just as weight lifting strengthens the bones, efforts of a Saturnian nature strengthen character and life circumstances.

Saturn also has a moral and spiritual quality to it. Transits from Saturn can awaken you to problems that need addressing, at the same time providing spiritual rewards and bonuses for jobs well done. Saturn has a particularly karmic quality, as if the homework it assigns is directly addressed to the soul of a nation or a person. Saturn often describes just what it is that you need to learn at a particular time. Lately, Saturn in Virgo has highlighted the inadequacies of the American health care system, the sad state of affairs in the job market, and the unhealthy consequences of the typical American diet.

As the Inner Adult, Saturn focuses attention on issues and problems that need to be solved. In the birth chart, Saturn represents concentration, responsibility and opportunities for achievement, growth and maturation. Libra is the sign of harmony, justice, equality and relationships. It has a particular resonance with the legal sphere. The symbol for legal, ethical fairness and for Libra is the same – the scales of justice. Libra also describes significant others, marriage, partnerships and close relationships. In the public sector, Saturn in Libra may put the spotlight on the issue of same sex marriage legislation, which will hopefully be resolved before Saturn is finished with its passage through Libra.

Libra is the sign of harmony and peace. As the nation hovers on the brink of increased war efforts, we can hope that the wisdom of Libran nonviolence and mediation will appear in the form of a white dove of peace.

Now that Saturn is entering Libra, you can tend to your relationships with greater mindfulness. Your significant others may be among the most important sources of comfort and reward you’ll have during these challenging days as the nation gets itself back on its feet. Relationships, especially those built on love and trust, are one of the most effective ways of developing yourself spiritually. Since Saturn is the last visible planet, it represents the gateway to the transpersonal and spiritual realm. By tending to your personal relationships, you can discover spiritual solutions and support for this unprecedented episode in American history. The distractions of excessive spending and wasteful consumption are no longer options now that Pluto is in responsible Capricorn. Extending warmth and support to loved ones provides a much more effective solution to the pervasive angst of this historic moment. Saturn in Libra recommends a tune, oil and adjustment for your partnerships so that they endure, strengthen and evolve. The rewards will be far-reaching and long lasting.

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