shungite the super mineral

Shungite is a black, glassy mineral from the Karelia region of Russia that is composed of about 98% carbon, formed from the remains of algae that lived two billion years ago. The exciting thing about this is that some of this carbon comes in the form of fullerenes (aka “Buckyballs”), similar in shape to a soccer ball, which have shown promise as a cornucopia of potential health benefits. Buckyballs appear to have antimicrobial properties, and possibly target such health risks as free radicals and cancer cells. They’re also useful as a purifying agent, especially of water. These recent findings line up nicely with the traditions surrounding shungite. In the Russian village of Shun’ga for which the mineral is named, people have long used shungite for purification, especially of water. For this reason, Peter the Great set up Russia’s first spa in Karelia to make use of this super mineral. And now modern scientists are investigating Buckyballs for exactly those properties! This is a fascinating case where modern science supports the traditional properties associated with a crystal.

Metaphysical properties: Use at the 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra), 6th Chakra (3rd Eye/Brow Chakra), or at the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra) to facilitate Astral Travel; to aid one in feeling a connection with all beings; to promote feelings of universal oneness; to create a protective shield around the energy body to defend one against EMFs or psychic attack; to help bring a light to dark times in one’s life; to help regulate the temperature of the body; to energize body, mind, and spirit; to transmute negative energy into positive energy; and to reduce pain and inflammation.