sodalite for mutual understanding

Sodalite increases empathy between speaker and listener, which promotes a more meaningful understanding between people who are trying to communicate. If you have anyone in your life who talks past you, talks over you, or just doesn’t seem to “get” you, sodalite can help make dealing with this person more manageable — possibly even pleasant! It’s also good for lifting the emotional “overlay” in certain conversations that can distort perceptions and make it hard to understand what the other person is getting at. Some people also use it to help prepare for public speaking, and/or give them confidence while giving a speech or presentation. On a more spiritual level, you can also use it to tune in to spirit guides, angels and other non-human guides. Sodalite is associated with all forms of communication: spoken, written, nonverbal, telepathetic, interspecies — basically whatever kind of communication is needed in a particular situation. In fact, some writers have found sodalite so helpful that it’s sometimes called the “poet’s stone”!

Metaphysical properties: Use at 5th chakra (Throat chakra) or at 6th chakra (3rd eye/brow chakra) for increasing accurate intuitive thoughts, to encourage successful stilling of the mind during meditation, to bring out the truth in any situation, to help you stand up for yourself, for protection from electromagnetic pollution, to enhance group cooperation, to aid in speaking your truth, to banish habits & negative thinking patterns, to aid in absorbing new information, to remove fear, to banish guilt, to encourage confidence, to promote a healthy metabolism, to remove insomnia, and to reduce fevers.

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