Soul Star Chakra Aromatherapy

The Chakras are an ideal roadmap for personal growth and development.  In 2017 we are journeying through the Chakras and focusing on one Chakra a month. November brings us to the Soul Star Chakra, a transpersonal chakra and the blueprint of your soul. It holds the record of all you ever were and all you ever will become. It holds all your past lives and your future lives. This month, the Soul Star asks you to explore why you reincarnated at this time. What are your soul lessons and life purpose?

Brief Overview of Chakras: The Chakras are the main energy centers in our subtle body. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura or electromagnetic field. There are main Chakras, minor, subpersonal, and transpersonal Chakras. The Chakras’ function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. Each chakra is associated with certain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual interactions. Each chakra has personal growth themes, functions, and purposes.  The concept of the Chakras has been around for thousands of years; but the energy coming to us from the cosmos is changing. We are receiving potent and new energies of high frequency light from the universe. The 7 main chakras were appropriate for us these past 2000 years. As we move into a new era, new chakras above and below the physical body are forming and others are waking up from dormancy to help us evolve into our new future.

The Soul Star Chakra is a Transpersonal Chakra and is located about 6 inches above the top of the head, above the crown chakra. It is not in our physical body, but in our etheric/energy body. Its color is usually seen as white, silver, gold, ultraviolet, or iridescent. The Soul Star Stores the soul’s highest purpose above and beyond all individual incarnations. The soul’s blueprint.  It is through this chakra that a soul enters a physical body during incarnation.  After death, the seed of an enlightened being remains in the soul star. You enter the Soul Star when you die to gain perspective on your life. It connects to higher self, Soul purpose, life tasks, soul groups, soul mates, and pre-destined soul contracts. Our entire being’s karmic residue, those energy patterns that you have held on to for more than one lifetime, is held in the eighth chakra carrying thought forms created over the life of our entire being caused by other lives actions and community consciousness. When attuned and activated, the Soul Star allows access to the Akashic records, the soul’s intent in this particular incarnation, stores the soul’s highest purpose above and beyond all individual incarnations.

November 2017 Soul Star Chakra Forecast: Henry Bolduc was a certified hypnotherapist with almost 40 years’ experience in past-life research. Through his work, he believed “every soul reincarnates in a particular lifetime for one of three reasons. First, we may reap the benefits of grace resulting from the good we have done for others in the past; second, we may correct our faults, thus balancing our good and bad deeds – referred to as karma; and third, we may experience life in such a way that we can contribute to the ocean of life.” This month, the higher energies want you to explore your purpose in this lifetime and your reasons for incarnating. Are you here to receive blessings and grace for good deeds in a previous incarnation? Are you here to continue to learn soul lessons? Are you here a healer and visionary to raise the vibration and help heal the world and humanity during these difficult times?

Soul Star Chakra Aromatherapy Blend

  • 8 drops Palo Santo essential oil
  • 8 drops Elemi essential oil
  • 8 drops Frankincense oil
  • 8 drops Myrrh essential oil
  • 8 drops Angelica essential oil
  • 4 ounces distilled water

The above blend is meant for a spray or mister. Blend the essential oils into 1 teaspoon of vodka or witch hazel (to help disperse the oils into water) and then blend into 4 ounces of distilled water in a spray bottle. Mix well. Spray the blend above your head and feel the mist fall down on you. Inhale the aroma and visualize your soul star chakra glowing brightly as a white golden ball of light about 6 inches above your head. As you do this, state the following affirmations: “I am connected to all my past lives and all my future lives. I am connected to my soul group and soul’s mates. I connect to higher self, Soul purpose, life tasks and predestined soul contracts.  I release my karmic residue.”

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