sugilite for interpersonal harmony

Sugilite was named for Ken-ici Sugi, the Japanese petrologist who discovered it. Its rich pink-to-purple color comes from the combination of metal elements within it, including iron, manganese and aluminum. It’s uncommon, and usually comes in small pieces. It can be a very helpful crystal to use at work and in other situations where group cooperation is needed, because it can help clear away “negative vibes” that remain after discussions, competitive situations, and other uncomfortable interactions. Even if there are no special problems in your workplace, sugilite can help maintain a harmonious, cooperative environment.

Sugilite is also helpful for many spiritual purposes, including shamanic work and personal transformation. It’s sometimes also called Sugelite, Sugalite, Lavulite, Luvulite, or Royal Azel.

Properties: Use at the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra) to aid in opening one to divine energy, to enhance meditation, to promote astral travel, to stimulate lucid dreaming and dream healing, to aid one in learning and understanding shamanic practices and rituals, to communicate with one’s ancestors or spirit guides, and to aid in working with the Violet Flame of St. Germaine.

One way to use this stone: You can make a spray mister to take to work to clear away negative energy and promote harmony. Just put a small piece of polished sugilite at the bottom of a glass spray bottle, and fill it up with purified water. If you plan to have it sitting around for awhile, you can add a little witch hazel or vodka to keep it fresh. Adding a couple drops of a purifying essential oil will make it smell nice and add an extra dimension of effectiveness; we suggest palo santo, sage, or an evergreen oil of some type.

The image in the square above was photographed by Ra’ike