A Tarot Reader’s Favorite Oracle Decks

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by Mari Powers

The Faerie’s Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth

The Heart of the Faery Oracle by Brian Froud and Wendy Froud

In most of my work with card reading I stick to Tarot Cards that have a set number of suits (5), the Major and Minor Arcana, traditional numerology, astrology and elemental correspondences. This allows the person for whom I am doing the reading to look up more meanings, whatever deck they choose, after the reading.

That does not mean I can’t read Oracle decks. There are several I really like, yet at the top of my list are two where the illustrator is Brian Froud. These have evolved from his Good Faeries and Bad Faeries book, and some echo some of the images  created in the Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth movies, where he was a primary creator of the graphic art. I am actually moving into my own style of reading with these, leading meditation and ritual using both decks together.

I do not use Oracle decks for regular readings unless explicitly asked to ahead of time. If the Oracle deck is very, very good, you need fewer cards to answer deeper questions. If they are not good, they (to me) seem to utter a general platitude, and to have less intense and more primarily Eurocentric  graphic images. I don’t mix Tarot cards and Oracle cards as a regular offering at Mimosa, because the layouts, depth of questions and answers might be quite different. I do use Oracle cards if requested, and like to use Oracle Cards in ritual as guides in a journey or as a one card give-aways for divination at different times of the year.

So back to Brian Froud Faerie Oracle decks; I read have used and own a few others that I like, and have looked at quite a few other Oracle Decks that I did not buy. These two, with illustrator Brian Froud, one engendered from another, are at the top of my list to others to buy and learn. I personally rarely do more than a three card reading in these decks, unless it will be a part of a six or seven card reading within the context of a ritual journey. For an individual reading, one or two cards is enough.

Other Oracle Decks I use may be for one spirit question, a totem animal for the situation, or an answer from an oracle deck that is multicultural or seasonal. I like there Froud Faery Oracle decks, for the long view, suggesting deep transformational work and for the lovely complex art. They can lead as various rituals guides, as well. I also like The Faerie’s Oracle and the Heart of the Faery Oracle cards for the art, the insight, the complexity, the honesty and the way the Fae are portrayed, first and foremost, as of a part of nature and the divine. They are guides, teachers and mirrors, and most like some glimpses of the Fae I have seen, in nature.

Of course, both Tarot and Oracle cards are pictorial books of knowledge and wisdom. Tarot is very old and Oracles decks much newer, yet stories and images of the Faery Realms are older than either. Brian, his family, friends and followers have enriched the world with images and insights that have inspired me.

Each deck comes with a lovely hardcover illustrated books, some personal notes, an interview in the second one with Brian and Wendy Froud and sample layouts and questions. The official website is www.worldoffroud.com. You can start your explorations there.


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2 thoughts on “A Tarot Reader’s Favorite Oracle Decks

  1. Fuentes

    Someone told me that while tarot cards can announce you about both good and bad news, angel cards just give positive things. That’s why people want to use angel cards since they don’t want to hear something bad. But. It is your choice!

  2. Cathy Douglas Post author

    In my opinion, there’s some truth to that, though of course it depends on which angel deck you use. There are many oracle decks even within the category of angel decks, and there’s some difference between them. But as we might expect, decks featuring angels tend to be heavy on positivity and light; in fact, some angel cards are more useful as affirmations than as divination.


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