“The Difference Between Astrology and the Astrological” by Shelley Jordan

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There is a difference between astrology and the astrological that remains unrecognized. The astrological, or the astral, is the mental-emotional-spiritual phenomenon that resonates within the interior realm of personal consciousness. These psychic states occur as a result of the subtle vibratory interactions of the planets as they travel around their orbits in our solar system. Think of the effect you get when you gently slide your moistened finger along the rim of a crystal goblet. A singing tone is created and perceived as your finger circles the edge of the glass. In a somewhat similar way, each of the planets generates its own discrete, singing tones as it circles the Sun in its orbit. Together the planets produce a subtle celestial opera as their tonal frequencies interact in the heavens. This astral phenomenon – the music of the spheres – is quietly received both in the psyches of individuals and in the collective. Somewhat like murmuring background music – playing so softly you may not be aware of it – this heavenly hum sets the mood and ambiance of the moment. Zodiac signs in circle.

Astrology, on the other hand, is humanity’s ancient, symbolic and collective attempt to describe and understand the astrological phenomenon. Astrology as it is known and practiced in its many forms is an invention, an artificial, ornate and meaningful mental construct. The astral is an exquisite aspect of Nature, part of the holistic energetic environment in which we live. Astrology in its many forms is a constructed system, a symbolic representation that is a consequence of a given culture’s world view. While capable of allowing us to discuss this phenomenon of Nature, astrology remains in most of its arenas a rigid, dogmatic system of thought, overloaded with rules and cautionary warnings – a musty, fear inducing parody of itself as it attempts to elucidate the astral. With its preoccupation with prediction and fate, astrology is a topic that is easy to dismiss.

The numerous forms in which astrology appears, such as humanistic, vedic, or cosmobiology, are products of the Weltanschauung (world view) of the many environments in which it arises. There is no one true astrology, just like there is no one religion or language that is superior to all others. The techniques used to describe and access the astral should not be confused with the astral phenomenon itself. People are typically attracted to that brand of astrology which most resonates with their personal beliefs and attitudes in combination with the expectations they bring to the astrological experience. In general, the more powerless an individual feels, the more he or she is attracted to a predictive, fatalistic form of astrology.

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