Unicorns 101

You’ve probably noticed that unicorns are all over the place these days – in stores and online they’re simply everywhere! No longer just an iconic image from the 80’s or a little girl’s favorite animal, unicorns have really made a comeback and are loved by all sorts of different people in today’s day and age.

Just like fairies, elves, gnomes, mermaids, dragons, and other magical creatures, you may wonder if unicorns ever really existed, or if they exist in some way now. That is something that each person must determine for themselves. Perhaps learning a little more about unicorns will help you decide.

Unicorns in Mythology

When fairies and other wee folk freely roamed the Earth, it is believed that unicorns did so as well. While they kept their presence more hidden, they would show themselves to anyone they deemed to be innocent or honorable. They were extremely psychic creatures, and they could feel what others were feeling, and convey their own feelings telepathically.

Unicorns never wandered out into open areas unless they absolutely had to. They always kept to wooded areas. Their horns were believed to have medicinal properties so unicorns were often hunted. This is most likely why they didn’t last past the days of fairy. It was said that when a unicorn’s horn was taken, the animal died. A unicorn could, however, choose to heal someone with his/her horn – and if the animal chose to do this of their own will, it would not die.


Unicorns have made many appearances in fairytales, movies, and storybooks, and in many of these depictions you’ve probably noticed some similarities. Often the unicorns are white horses and typically (not always) their horns have a spiral swirl design, right? Let’s examine the symbolism here. In many of the stories about unicorns, they will only show themselves to humans who are innocent or “pure of heart.” The color white represents childlike innocence and purity. Unicorns are also known for being extremely wise animals. The horn could very likely symbolize a sword. The suit of swords in the traditional tarot represent the intellect, the mind. Those who have studied unicorns believe that this symbolism is very important. I couldn’t agree more!

Unicorns as a Totem Animal

If you have a unicorn as your totem animal you can expect wonderful things! Unicorns bring wisdom, they can help you manifest your dreams into reality, and they can help you see the truth in all situations. They represent purity, magic, and uniqueness.

Working with Unicorns

If you want to work with Unicorn energy, spend time in wooded areas that are off the beaten path. Unicorns don’t like to be around too many people. Make sure the area is quiet and clean. Like the fairies, unicorns do not like litter or anything that tarnishes their natural environment. If you see garbage around, pick it up. Call upon the unicorns just like you would angels or fairies by inviting them to work with you. Regular and persistent interaction with them will eventually pay off.