Aura Quartz for Vibrant Color

Aura quartz is made by exposing quartz crystals to vaporized metals. Below is a list of the different kinds of aura quartz.

Name Color(s) Metal(s) Properties
Amethyst aura purple magnesium & platinum 6th & 7th chakras; spiritual wholeness, joy, meditation, instill a sense of childlike wonder, connect with nature & fairy realm
Angel / Opal aura pale multi- colored silver & platinum 4th & 7th chakras; opening to deep spiritual experience, connecting with angels & guides, lovingkindness, safety, security, peace
Apple aura green nickel 4th chakra; purify energy body, balance & align chakras, digestive problems, bring about necessary change, instill courage
Aqua aura teal blue gold 5th & 6th chakras; opening to psychic insight, connecting heart & throat chakras (speaking inner truth), spiritual evolution
Champagne aura golden gold & iron 3rd & 7th chakras; divine healing energy, opening to new experiences, stimulating conscious awareness, spiritual ascension
Cobalt aura dark blue w/ gold flashes cobalt 6th chakra; non-attachment, meditation, helps one connect with emotions, dissipates anger, connecting to water element
Melon / Orange / Tangerine aura / Imperial Gold mellow orange copper, gold, & iron 2nd, 3rd & 4th chakras; compassion, forgiveness, emotional healing, repair damaged relationships, promotes joy
Rainbow / Flame aura dark multi- colored titanium and/or niobium 1st, 6th & 7th chakras; enhance psychic insight, connect spiritually with nature, lucid dreaming & dream recall, self-reflection
Rose / Ruby / Raspberry aura pink silver, gold, & platinum 4th chakra; lovingkindness, easing emotional trauma, recovering from abuse, detoxing, tactful communication
Sunset Aura Yellow and Purple iron and/or platinum & gold

with titanium and/or niobium

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, & 7th chakras; joy & happiness, relieve seasonal affective disorder, enhance self esteem & personal power, spiritual grounding, enhance psychic insight, self-reflection
Sunshine aura yellow iron and/or platinum & gold 2nd & 3rd chakras; joy & happiness, relieve seasonal affective disorder, enhance self esteem & personal power, spiritual grounding
Tanzan / Celestial aura cornflower blue iridium & gold 5th & 6th chakras; astral travel, connecting to angelic realms, gaining intuitive guidance, communicating with the other side

Ultra Aura Quartz

Recently, a new line of aura quartzes have come onto the market known as Ultra Aura Quartz. The companies that make these crystals have been secretive about what combination of metals they use to create them, and they’re so new that we don’t yet have much information about their specific metaphysical properties. We’re listing them for you below for your reference, using the traditional aura quartz most closely associated with each one (generally by color) as a reference.

Name Color Nearest Traditional Aura Quartz (for comparison)
Cotton Candy Aura vibrant pink to magenta Rose Aura
Cranberry Aura pale purple Amethyst Aura
Daffodil Aura (also sometimes called Moonglow) lemon yellow Sunshine Aura
Kiwi Aura (also sometimes called Verde) lime green Apple Aura
Peach Aura deep orange Melon Aura
Pistachio Aura pale green Apple Aura
Sugar Aura pale pink Rose Aura