Essential Oil Correspondences


Balsam Fir rejuvenate body & mind, respiratory, muscle aches, pain
Basil refreshing, restore mental alertness, fatigue, muscle aches
Bergamot uplifting, confidence, enhance mood, skin problems, balance, stress, depression, mental health, emotional control
Cedarwood relaxing, massage, oily skin
Clary Sage menopause, menstrual issues including PMS, relaxing, stress, depression
Clove stimulation, revitalizing, immune enhancement, pain relief
Copaiba recovering from injury or irritation, digestion, inflammation
Cypress security, stability, comfort during winter, skin problems, transitions
Dill revitalizing, balance
Eucalyptus cooling, refreshing, energizing, respiratory support, exercise, sore muscles, communication, assertiveness, standing up for oneself
Fennel circulation, glands, respiration, digestion, well-being during menstrual cycle, energy, vitality, balance
Frankincense meditation, elevating the mind, spiritual connection, centering, comfort, mental focus, overcoming despair, stress, aging skin
Geranium revitalizing, releasing negativity, nervous system support, balance
Grapefruit energy, uplifting, weight management, detoxification, reducing excess water retention
Jasmine relaxation, self-confidence, romance, balancing female energies, lunar connection, positive experience with the night, relationships, sexuality & sensuality. Jasmine is a potent aphrodisiac.
Juniper detox, cleansing, purification, urinary support
Lavender adaptogen (adapting to stress or imbalance), relaxation, sleep, energy, beauty, cuts & burns, healing, protection, purification, seeing the whole picture
Lemon purification, fasting, vitality, nervous system
Lemongrass stimulating, mental clarity, balance, rejuvenation
Melrose skin health, cuts, burns & rashes
Myrrh meditation, purification, uplifting, regulating emotions
Orange calming, peace, happiness
Oregano immune & respiratory support, electrical alignment of body
Palo Santo spiritual development, purification, cleansing, release of negative energy
Patchouli happy house, releasing negative emotions, general health, digestive system, connection to Mother Earth, trust, protection
Peppermint supports digestion, respiratory system & liver, concentration, mental sharpness, clarity, dieting
Pine energy, muscles & joints, exercise
Rosemary mental alertness, energy, memory
Sage strengthen senses, support metabolism, respiratory, reproductive & nervous systems, coping with despair, mental fatigue, cleanse & purify the home, release negativity
Spearmint open & release mental blockages, balance, well-being
Spruce relaxes mind & body
Tangerine uplift the spirit, security, occasional nervous irritability (moodiness), calming
Tarragon digestive support
Thyme immune system
Valerian calming, grounding, emotional balance, restoring nervous system
Vetiver grounding, recovering from emotional trauma, good behavior in children, calming, stability, stress
Wintergreen soothing, headaches, exercise, enhance children’s moods. (Caution, should never be used with anyone on a blood thinner or daily aspirin therapy.)
Ylang Ylang love & romance, releasing anger, relaxation, beauty, sensuality, balancing male & female (yin & yang), awakening kundalini

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