The Ha Prayer, or Aligning the Triple Soul

Written by Mimosa
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My Version of the Ha Prayer, the Sacred Dove, or Aligning the Triple Soul

by Mari Powers

In many traditions of the Craft, and in many new and old Pagan religions, we acknowledge and recognize the triple form of many Goddesses, and some Gods. In the Feri tradition, we believe in the tripartite nature of our own souls. This mirrors the beliefs of the indigenous people of Hawaii, who practice the native religion involving the Kahuna, and in the ancient religions of Egypt, where people also were believed to have a triple soul. Even Hinduism has a belief in the three parts of the human soul. To my knowledge, only the Feri branch of the Craft believes this, and it came to the founders, Victor and Cora Anderson, from the Kahuna tradition. Each Feri teacher I have read teaches the Ha Prayer to help us align our triple soul. In true Feri “tradition”, each has written it a little differently. When I began to practice it, it changed a little for me as well, and it is this version I will share here.

Aligning the triple soul is somewhat like centering and grounding, yet it is also much more. It gives us the energy to work our true will, as our child self and emotional body openly communicates with our thinking self, and for lack of a better term, our “over soul” as well. It feeds us what has been called manna, chi, and the life energy from the multiverse itself, to our body, heart, mind and soul. Then it gets them all working together and creates harmony in ourselves and our will behind our prayers.

Though we refer the triple soul, and sometimes the triple will, we feed the body first. The number four is a number sacred in the ancient Hawaiian religion, so the aligning our tripartite soul involves breathing and holding the breath in rounds of four. This is the way I do this exercise:

I take three or four slow clearing breaths and clear my mind. I then begin breathing in the life force to the count of four, hold it for four counts, breath out for four counts and hold the emptiness in my lungs for another count of four before beginning another round of breathing. I do the whole breathing cycle four times.

Now for the rest of the exercise, that requires visualization and energy work. On the first round of breathing, I feed my physical body. I draw energy from the earth and air into my body on the inhale, on the hold, and on the exhale. On the second empty four count hold before my next breath, I energetically bond the energy in my body for strength and health.

This is different than a lot of breathing exercises in that the exhale feeds me. Many breathing exercises, like cleansing breaths, involve a sort of in the good and out with the bad type of visualization. For me, the inhale, the first hold of the energy, and exhale all feed me. The second holding to the count of four with empty lungs, fixes the energy in place.

On the second round of breathing, I feed my emotional body. I visualize this as a close aura of blue light energy, about two inches all around my physical body. This body in Feri is sometimes called the Fetch, the Sticky One, or the inner child. I draw energy from the blue fire in the belly of the earth and air into my body on the inhale, on the hold, and on the exhale. On the second empty four count hold before my next breath, I energetically bond the energy in my inner aura for strength and health.

On the third round of breathing, I feed my mental body, or thinking self. I visualize this as a luminous golden light egg all around me, extending out a foot or so from my physical body. As I fix this energy in place, it empowers my mind, (and second part of my triple soul), with clarity and the ability to focus my thoughts.

On the fourth and final breath, in what may be one, or the beginning of four rounds of breathing, I visualize a white dove above my head. This dove represents my connection to the greater multiverse, and my own personal over soul. I draw in air and waves of manna like water, then lift my head back, and blow up and out the combined manna collected into my sacred dove above my crown chakra.

If I am only doing one round of breathing, I begin blowing with a “Ha”, and finish emptying my lungs, by blowing upwards through my mouth in a breath like the wind. If I am doing a round of four breaths times four, I simply blow the air like the wind to my sacred dove on the first, second and third rounds, and save the “Ha” sound for the fourth and last round.

After the final breath with the “Ha” sound, I make a prayer. I then say, “What is this flower above my head?” (For me it is almost always the Lotus Flower, though sometimes it is the Rose.)  I ask, “What is the work this Gods would have me do?” I contemplate the answer(s). I then state, “I would know myself in all my parts. My triple soul is aligned. I am whole”. If I need to verbalize a specific prayer, I do. Then I say, “It is done.”

The Ha Prayer is used to align the triple soul. Any prayer said with it acquires all the manna gathered and shared. If there is no specific prayer, this alignment gives me a deep sense of relaxation, a connection to the greater multiverse and a sense of being whole. If there is a prayer, I have the same sense, yet also know that my prayer has been heard and will be answered in a positive way. When my triple soul is aligned, all prayers are good and have power.

Most of the time, I do this without a specific prayer in mind and verbalized, and simply enjoy the benefits of increased manna and a sense of relaxation; I am in alignment and at oneness.

(c) 2014 Mari Powers

Image via Wikimedia Commons: Contemplation, by Ghassan Salman Faidi

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