The Morrigan, Celtic warrior goddess

The Morrigan
Celtic Pantheon
Goddess of Battle, Strife, Victory
Her name may mean “Phantom Queen” or “Great Queen”
She is one of the Tuatha de Danann. In some myths she is a consort of Dagda

The Morrigan is a fierce warrior goddess, associated with life passages as well as literal battle. She is a shapeshifter who takes on many forms, human and animal, but she especially favors crows and ravens. In mythology, she sometimes use her shapeshifting ability to trick mortals into mistakes that would change their fates. She may also appear in various forms as an omen. Some consider her to be a psychopomp, escorting mortals between the worlds of the living and the dead. She also has an aspect a triple goddess — maiden/mother/crone, or birth/motherhood/death — though she’s mostly associated with the crone part of that trio. The Morrigan is strong and willful, and crossing her can be dangerous. But those she favors are able to draw from her strength, even if their own past has left them scarred. Some believe the Morrigan to be a precursor of the Morgan le Fay. Symbols:

  • Crow and Raven
  • Her sacred plants are mugwort and yew
  • Triple spiral
  • Art may show her as part bird, part woman

Artwork by André Koehne