opalite for children and inner children

Opalite is a 100% manmade material, a type of glass. A small amount of opacifier — often fluorite or titanium dioxide —  is added to molten glass, which is then cooled slowly enough that some of the SiO2 crystallizes. The resulting glass is very appealing, a semi-opaque glass showing flashes of blue and orange. Use at any chakra to clear and balance the energy center, to connect one with the air and water elements, to transmute negativity into positive energy, for emotional balance, to instill a sense of childlike wonder, and to promote a feeling of comfort and safety (as if in the womb). It may be used at all the chakras. Sometimes it’s also called Tiffany stone.

Magic eggs: A special type of opalite is the feng shui egg, or magic egg. The “magic” refers to the amazing way the opalite and the shape come together to reflect light, changing as the light passes through the egg from different directions. Especially appealing when grouped and/or placed in water, they are a symbol for new beginnings, rebirth and regeneration. They may come with either a glossy or matte finish, a difference which can make a big difference in the way they reflect and distribute energy.

Care and Safety: Since it is basically glass, opalite can break into sharp pieces. Kids love it, but please make sure they handle it carefully.