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ATLANTISITE: (Also known as Atlantis Stone, as Stitchitite-Serpentine or as Serpentine-Stitchitite) Use at the 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra/Brow Chakra) or at the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra) to aid in connecting one with the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria and to help heal past life trauma stemming from incarnations there, to aid in relieving digestive upset, to enhance one’s connection with nature and the plant kingdom, to enhance one’s knowledge and wisdom of how to use herbs and healing plants, and to open the third eye chakra and stimulate one’s clairvoyant gifts (psychic sight).

PACKAGING: Your crystals will come carefully packaged to prevent breakage.

PAYMENT AND SHIPPING: To minimize shipping costs, we will hold your order until all the videos have been posted, unless you specifically request immediate shipment. You will be charged for your crystals at the time you purchase them, then charged for shipping when your whole order is ready to ship. If we have not received your request to ship your order by April 1, 2016, we will ship it then, or we may contact you for further instructions.

As always, we charge only the actual cost of shipping, with no additional handling charges or fees. Domestic orders ship US Priority Mail with insurance. International orders ship First Class when possible, but we be happy to will ship via International Priority Mail if you so request (or if the order exceeds the weight limit for first class).  Most smaller orders will cost about $6.50 – $7.00 to ship, but shipping costs will vary depending on weight and insurance costs.

RETURN POLICY: We’re sorry, because of the unique nature of the crystals and the complexity of the process, we are unable to process returns or exchanges of Tucson crystals. If, however, a crystal gets damaged in shipping or you receive the wrong thing, please contact us and we’ll make arrangements.

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